Life after losing a parent at a young age! 

Hi my beautiful readers, today’s blog is going to be a bit different from my others. As you all would have realized I took a break from blogging for a few months. Sometimes life happens and we can’t really do anything about it.

Story time: I lost my mom and sister five years ago in a car accident where a drunk driver crashed into my parents’ car, my dad was the sole surivior. I didn’t know what to think that day. I questioned the presence of a God. I lost faith in everything and I pushed away the people that cared the most for me. I became numb inside. Losing a parent at the tender age of 19 is not something I would wish on my worst enemy. It is tough. I hated the sympathy that people were showing to me. I hated that fact that people approached me who had both parents alive and goes, “oh kavita, we know exactly how you feel!” Oh is that the case? Do you really? Urg nothing got me more annoyed than that.
The first few years were horrible. I had just started university and i was in year 1 when mom passed. My grades went downhill, I pushed everyone away and pretended to be strong infront of the world. I cried myself to sleep for years, eventually crying myself into a depression that I didn’t even know I was in.

This year as I mentioned above, on February 12th will be 5 years since that incident, strange enough I just got the news of my cousin’s death today and this blog post was inspired by her daughter’s questions. It has been 5 years since and I still can’t come to terms with losing my mom. I tried to reassure her that she would get the courage to move on, but i couldn’t come to terms to telling her it will be easier. Because the reality of the situation is, it will never be easier for us. My mom will never be able to take graduation photos with me, she will never see me get married, or even be able to see my future kids. So please do tell me stranger, how you know the feeling that I am experiancing. You don’t so hush. So my dear cousin’s daughter, and more so to any young adult who has lost a parent, yes its tough, we will always have our moments, sometimes our moments may turn into days, or months or even years, but i’m going to tell you today, that it’s ok. You do you! You deal with it in your own way and in your own time.

I can assure you, that you will find that strength and please don’t be numb like me towards the world. It makes a bad sitution so much worse. I have learnt from the later part of 2016 that its ok not be strong all the time, its ok to talk to your family who genuinely care for you. Find that one person you trust, and talk. I assure you, the pain inside of you platos. I’m a living example of this.

I’m not going to sugar coat it, and falsely tell you that everything is going to be easier and you will be back to normal. This isn’t a tv series. We don’t have episodes and seasons. This is the real world, with real people and real emotions. You life will never be the same as it used to be again.You will never be able to hold their hand, or hear there voice or even taste their food. You will never be the same person you were prior to there lost. But try my dear friends to be a stronger, wiser person than you once were. Don’t lose courage. I know you will be hating the world presently. But  hold that head up high and use your lost to your benefit,as my “person”, my cousin ,Cindy nicely phrases it, you have your personal guardian angel looking over you.

I miss you so much mom and Vanita! Rip💔💔



PHOTO 1: My mom, Radha rip

PHOTO 2: My sister, Vanita rip





#COLOURPOP Ultra Matte Lip

          Hello my fellow gorgeous bloggers! I hope that you all are having an amazing Friday. Today i wish to share my thoughts on this brand that has left me speechless! ×_×.The entire line of products I am in love with. I shall do a review on their eye-shadows, highlighters, blushes and eyeliners in another blog. However this blog is dedicated to my favorites #colourpop ultra matte lippies! Eeep i’m so excited to share this with you dolls because I know that you will love it also!


1) My May favorite is this lippie! OMG I am obsessed with this shade “Tulle” I have been reaching for this pink nude nearly everyday! This is my “go to” colour! I love everything about this lippie! The way it glides on my lips without leaving any sticky residue.
I don’t know about you guys, but I hate to re apply a lipstick after i eat or drink something! I know i’m lazy! Don’t judge me!. As i was saying, I highly recommend #colourpop lippies because I can tell you from experience, I wore this lippie from 6am until 4pm, i had breakfast, lunch and went through basically my entire day’s routine without reapplication! Ahh my love for this shade! I’m currently on my second purchase and ahhh just try this shade! You will love it! i have added this photo of me wearing the shade “Tulle” and a swatch of it! Trust me i haven’t done this shade any justice! Lol


2) Next up is the shade “More Better”. This is a pretty purplish pinky shade! Not to bright! It goes on smoothly! Dries well! I love the wand applicator. This colour is suited for both light and dark skinned tones! I have also attached a photo of me wearing it and a swatch!


3)The next shade I shall discuss is “Creeper”. Oh My Goodness! This red is soo gorgeous! It has an underlying blue tone to it! Ahh i love it! I will compare this and my #stila in shade #beso 10 very soon! So look out for that in my future blogs!🤗 Okay so this bright red is great for an formal events or parties! I think i wore it last for Christmas! Hear me out before you start saying, “how can i not wear red kavita?? It’s a necessity! ” lol ok ok i know i haven’t worn red in a while however it is because i wore i have worn reds of so many shades each day in the month of December last year! Lol I think i need to give other colours a chance to shine! Don”t you? Lolll. I have also added a photo of myself last Christmas wearing Creeper!


4) Okay so back to the pinky nudes! Lol Next up is the shade, ” Clueless” okay let me bruk it down for you!
I don’t fancy this shade! it’s because i’m too browned tone and this shade looks like i coated my lips in concealer! But But its a lovely colour and will look great on lighter toned people!

5) Finally I wish to review the shade “Beeper”. It’s a beautiful pinkish bronwnish nude! Has a lovely natural look to it. Dries quickly! This image shows Beeper on the right and Clueless on the left! 

Okay! Hope you enjoyed my review on these #colourpop lippies! I tried to include one from each of the basics colors that we would wear on daily routines! For those of you who haven’t tried this brand as yet! I urge you to get one for now and try it! Be sure to send me pictures of any shade that you think i should try! I love you guys!

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April’s Sephora Beauty Box

Hi my beautiful dolls! Today i want to talk about the new sephora 2016 monthly beauty boxes. I know that we’re in June, however i think that they are still online for sale. This box “#Paint_it_Pink “is definately a must have.wp-1465362292172.jpg

It contains a highlighter from 1)#Becca_Cosmetics in the shade rose gold! Omg it is too die for! So pigmented and it glides on your skin! Definately a must have! This shimmering perfector comes in a 2.4g which honestly is a good enough size.


2)Next up is this amazing #Tarte amazonian clay 12 hour blush in shade blissful! It comes in a 1.5g size.  Swatches so smoothly! Great for light skined people.


3)This gorgeous highly pigmented urban decay eyeshadow was also included in shade scratch! It comes in a 1.5g size and the colour is super gorgeous.



4) #Benefit_Cosmetics roller mascara in size 3g! Omg this product goes on easily and feels so light on my eyelashes. I love it. Definately repurchasing the bigger size.


5) #Laura_Mercier velour Lovers Lip colour in French Kiss! This is a full size product. Its a pretty light pink shade.


6) #Makeupforever artist Plexi gloss 202 in size 3ml. A very light almost pinky nude shade. I honestly did not quite fancy this product. Will not be re purchasing.


7) #DebrorahLippmann nail polish in Baby love size 8ml. Honestly i donot like mild almost faintish colours. This nail polish wasnt for me. Its nice! But i prefer brighter colours.


8) a beauty blender (original) in full size.


My opinions: i loved all 6 of the 8 products. Definately value for your money! It was priced at $40US dollars. I loved the smaller packaging because it was nice to see if i loved it or not. Tarte products are usually high priced. I always wanted to try it but didn”t want to pay the steep price. So i was happy that it was included.

Generally a good package! Will be posting on the May beauty box soon! Until next time! #staybeautiful #beautyblogger #reviews #staypostive #😘

#Stila Stay All Day (External love liquid set)

Hello my gorgeous readers! Today I shall rave about a brand that has touched my life last Christmas holiday. This set from #Stila was released in Dec of 2015 and here’s the good news, these shades are available  for purchase still on the #Stila website Yayy! Lol.


Each individual shade is priced at US $24. There are lots of gorgeous shades you can choose from. However today I’ll be reviewing three of the shades from there collection.

1) First up is this vampy dark shade called,” Ricco” Oh my godness this shade gives so much depth and creates such a dramatic appearance to any look. I have honestly only good comments with regards to this brand. It feels so light on the lips, dries quickly and their slogan on each lippie reads,”stay All Day” proves to be true! True story, I wore this lippie for my entire one day trip to Tobago and you know me by now and how much I love touching up my lip stick😂… upon landing back in Trinidad I realized that ,”Ricco” was still with me! This lippie withstood my entire day’s trip! Try this brand if it is accessible in your country!!


2) Next up I’m reviewing is one of my personal favorites! This is a bright red shade with blue under tones! It is super pretty and so elegant! This shade is called,”Beso 10″ ahhhh i love it!! I feel as if i’m 10× more sexy upon application to my lips!😂😂😘💋In my #coloupop blog i mentioned that it was comparable to this shade! So if you want to try this shade but the $24 us a bit to steep, I recommend that you try ,”creeper” from #colourpop for only $6. I must admit it doesn’t last as long as #stila but it does withstand for a few hours!


3) This next shade is a pinky nude color! It looks so simple but soo gorgeous at the same time! I personally am not a fan of this shade because i think its too light for my skin tone, however its a super pretty shade and it will look epic on a lighter toned person!

Okay dolls this is the end of today’s’ blog! I trust that you enjoyed reading it as much as I did while typing it! I love you guys so much! Thank you for all your love and your inspiring comments! Until next time!

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#Sacha Cosmetics Review


 Hello my beauties! I trust that you are having an amazingly awesomatic day! 🤗 Today’s blog i decided to post a review on a local product from my country of Trinidad and Tobago! This brand is called “#Sacha cosmetics” and it caters for a wide range of products from foundation to lippies! I have fallen in love with their matte lippies and I wanted to share with you dolls my opinions on some of their shades this summer! These lippies are priced at $40TT dollar.


1) The first shade I wish to rave about is called, ” leading lady”. Boy oh boy do i feel like a leading lady upon wearing it!😂😂 lol ok so this shade is a pinky nude tone. It looks so pretty for a daily casual look or u can pop in some colour on your lids and vala your now all elegant and thang!!!  In my opinion this shade is a ‘must have’. A girl gotta own at least one nude! Lol There is also another more brown toned nude called, ‘Over the Taupe’ for those people who aren’t pinky nudes fan!


2) The next shade up is more classy and for formal events, this shade is called , “Ex in the City” 😉 . Well you can guess what shade this is! Lol its a bright red! Omg i love it! Is super gorgeous and its so pigmented!


3) Another favorite of mine is this lovely pink shade called, ‘selfie pink’ and i like to think of the darker more hott pink as her hotter sister lol in shade,”Matte me Hip”. These both shades are super lovely and would be perfect for any occasion. I personally love to wear them with my traditional saris! This image shows me wearing selfie pink! yes i smile like i’m advertising for a Colgate commercial! lolll


4) OMG this next shade had me in awe at how well pigmented it was. At first when i swatched it, I really weren’t too sure about it, however I wore it for Carnival this year! Ahhh it stayed on so well! And u guys know how i hate re applying! So  i have loved it since! Ok ok let me stop digressing! This is a purplish mauve colour in the shade,” Dem Trini Girlz”. I know ! I know these names are too much! Lol


4) Okay so this next shade has been my June obsession since the colour matches my specs frame! Lol Ever since i’ve started wearing it, i’ve gotten so many compliments on it! Its a beautiful maroon colour! If your a fan of maroon as i’m sure many girls are at the moment lol i urge you if this brand is accessible in your country give it a try! It’s really affordable and long lasting!  The shade is called, ‘Red light District’.


Ok dolls! I’ll end my review here tonight! I trust that you enjoyed it and if you do decide to try any of the shades or any new #sacha shades i spoke of,be sure to send me pics! I love you so much guys! Thank you for all your love and support! Until my next blog!😘

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#Play it safe (Tarte high performance naturals)

Hi my gorgeous readers! I hope you all are having an amazing day. Today’s blog is about some one of my least favorites product. Don’t get me wrong now! These products have some pros to it being they are nicely pigmented, cute packaging and are really affordable. However they are for people of a light skin tone. This box was purchased from #sephora and was priced at $10US.


1) The first product I wish to discuss is the #tarte #maracuja_bronzing_serum. Omg this came in the cutest wooden stained glass bottle with a dropper attached. Clearly you can tell that I am in love with this packaging. Okay, this product for me was a bit too runny and it did not dry well. I applied 2-3 drops to my face and neck for 1 night and lets just say I personally am not a fan of this product. Upon waking up l, my entire pillow casing was covering in the product and it was too patchy. I will therefore not be re purchasing it.


2) #tarte #Brazilliance skin rejuvenating Maracuja self tanner. This product came in a rosed gold floral patterned, white tube. By now, dolls you may have grasped that I am a sucker for packaging. Lol. The beauty of this tube made up for the contents. I did not like this self tanner one bit. The tube was way to tiny in order to see any results. The product had a horrible scent and was also to runny. I will not be re purchasing this product.


3) #tarte #tarteguard_spf_30 sun screen lotion. This product is officially now part of my daily routine. I live in a Caribbean island therefore our two seasons are the wet and the dry. Throughout the duration of the year the temperature here is just ridiculously high! Okay let me stop digressing .. back to the sun block.  Lol .. there are very few products that I can say I love everything about it. This is one of them. The packaging was simple but classy. It had a very faint mild scent somewhat of the #L’Oreal spf 15 sun screen day lotion. Ahh if you are about to embark on any summer vacations in a warm climate, get your hands on one of these. I assure you that you will love it!


4) #tarte #brazilliance #maracuja #self_tanning_towelette. This was included also in the packaging. I liked the idea of it but this wasn’t for me personally.

5) This final product in this box was the whole reason behind why i got it. I saw the #tarte #bronzer in #park_ave_princess #amazonian_clay_waterproof_bronzer. OMG this packaging 😍😍 love it! The entire packaging is rose gold with a detailed stoned effect. This bronzer is the most subtlest one that I own. Normally I would prefer my bronzer to be shimmery and bold, however I was quite astonished as to how beautiful and elegant it looked.



Final review: This.#sephora beauty box was probably one of the few that i disliked. Was it worth my money? Probably not! However if I hadn’t purchased it,I wouldn’t have been aware of the beauty of the bronzer and how awesome the sun screen lotion is. Lol

Okay so that’s all for this blog! Until next time my beauties! #stay_glamorous #stay_positive #beauty_lies_in_everything #enhance_your_natural_beauty #Trinidad_beauty_blogger #sephora_favorites #tarte #skincare




TARTE SKIN CARE (Make a splash hydrating skin savers)

Good morning my beautiful dolls!

Today, i decided to dedicate an entire post on this skin care box i purchased from #tarte, simply because these products will change your life! Lol clearly you can tell that i am obsessed!😍😍


 This package was purchased from #sephora for a mere $10Us. I know right! Amazing!! Its all smooth sailing from here! Take a plunge into tarte’s deluxe discovery set with these Rainforest of the Sea skin care necessities:

1) cleanse and clarify with there deep dive cleansing gel. This bottle is the cutest packaging ever. The gel is very thick and smells of lavender! Love it!! Highly recommend it if your a fan of lavender scents.


2) Hydrate and defend with a drink of H20 hydrating boost! Ok I personally love this product. It is really thick and a little goes a long way. I have been using this as a night mosturizer for the past month. Omg and i kid you not! When i wake up on mornings my face is super soft😍. There is however one flaw to this product. It has a very strong distinctive grapefruity scent. It you are a lover of citrus fruits then this mosturizer will be perfect for you! The scent remains for the first few seconds upon application but it fades of eventually! So yes! I will be repurchasing! 


3) Prime and Refresh with marine Boosting 4 in 1 mist. This mist comes in a gorgeous purple and blue wave design and as with the drink of H20 the scent  remains that of a strong grapefruit one in nature. I must admit that it is  a bit overwhelming at first but the scent fades of pretty quickly. I spritz some on before and after my makeup and during the day. The temperature in the Caribbean is quite hot and this comes in quite handy.


My general opinions: I will definitely be repurchasing the larger sizes in these products. I will rate this set as *****  for the cutest packaging ever. Loved the contents and the containers more so  because they can be reused! 

Hope you guys enjoyed my review about this box! Let me know if you would like me to review a specific brand of skin care or makeup related products!

Until my next post! #staybeautiful #be_positive #enhance_your_natural_beauty #tarte_skincare #rainforest_of_the_sea #drinkofh20